Senin, 02 November 2015

European Migrant Crisis‬‬

Moscow - Who is to blame for the crisis that hit the European immigrants? For the President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Russian President Vladimir Putin, the fault is in Western countries, especially the United States."Honestly in my opinion, the overall Western countries blame on this issue," said President Erdogan in an interview with CNN on Saturday (05/09/2015).What is meant is that the West European countries and the US. Erdogan even accused the European countries of the Mediterranean Sea has turned into a 'graveyard'. "That's the reality in the field. Because the countries that surround the Mediterranean Sea - they do not want these people (immigrants) no matter what happens," he said.Erdogan said, Turkey has always welcomed refugees and, he said, European countries including Greece, Italy, Spain, France and Hungary can do the same with ease. European countries, according to Erdogan, must work together to find a solution for this crisis."Perform the combined operations and give these people a chance to save their lives," said Erdogan.While President Putin, the Russian news agency TASS, calling the foreign policy of Western countries in the Middle East and North Africa also misguided, at the root of this crisis. Putin admitted that he had warned the Western countries about their policies several years ago."About what exactly this policy? It apply the standards without considering specifically, the values ​​of historical, religious, national and cultural of these areas," said Putin told the news agency TASS while attending Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok."This, first of all, because the policy of our American partners. I am surprised at the mass media that criticize the Americans now Europe because of the severity of the treatment of immigrants. Europe is blinded by following US instructions," he added.